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Agates come in a variety of colors, and is made of many layers, which is why most agates have stripes in them. Because of their many layers, they’re well used in crystal work that reveals hidden talents, truths, and discovery. Agates are known to increase self-confidence, and give off a sense of security. Therefore, it is a very grounding stone. In historic times, agates were placed in water for cooking to dispel sickness.

Amazonite is feminine in nature, and is known for helping you speak your truth, increasing self-awareness, and empathy. It helps soothe and calm the soul, bringing inner peace. It promotes balance and harmony, calms aggression, helps make rational decisions, and quiets the mind. It’s great for use in grounding for anxiety. Amazonite is good for embracing one’s true self, and empowers the user to discover oneself. It also protects from overstimulation, and is great for daily use on anyone who is highly sensitive.

Amber allows the body to heal itself by absorbing negative energy, and turning it into positive energy. It aids in manifestation, stimulates the intellect, and opens the crown chakra. Amber cleanses the environment it is in, and is an excellent choice to have in birthing rooms, it’s also said to have been used as a symbol of vow renewals, and was believed to be a talisman of good luck to warriors.

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Amethyst is one of the best spiritual stones for balancing, meditation, guidance, and gentle protection from negative energy.  It enhances intuition, aids sleep, and addiction. It protects your dreams if you suffer from night terrors, and encourages love and happiness. It has a receptive energy, and therefore draws in the bad, and pushes out good.

Ametrine is a natural occuring mixture of Cirtine & Amethyst, and is commonly pink, or purple with orange or iron color inclusions. 

It balances the male and female qualities in ourselves, stimulates intellect, and develops our consciousness beyond this physical world.

It is also useful in reaching higher states during meditation and attunement by clearing negative energy from the aura, and entering light & pure energy. 

ammonite tile.png

Ammonites are fossilized snail like animals. It stimulates architecture & construction projects, provides insight, protection, stability, & structure.

It allows us to see beyond concepts and form a plan and follow through.

It has been said to ease birthing as well. 

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Angel Aura Quartz Like Clear Quartz, can be used for any energy work, and is a great amplifier. It can be used for religious purposes, meditation, and spiritual development. A hugely popular use for quartz is to boost psychic work, help with intuition, and to help open the mind to meditate or perform spell work. People also often carry it on them for an energy boost. 

Angel Aura Quartz also carries properties of interdimensional communications, astral projection, & connection with Angels.

Angelite is the symbol of communication of love and light all over the world. It aligns the physical self with the ethereal, and provides a protective field in the environment it’s placed in. It also helps any spiritual journey or astral travel. Your telepathic abilities will be increased while carrying this stone, as it is both a receiver and sender of energy. It would be easy to communicate with other worldly and sentient beings while using this stone.

Apatite most commonly occurs in yellow/green crystals, it’s second most common form is blue. Apatite increases intellect and imagination, motivation and psychic awareness. Enables the user to think and communicate clearly. As a stone of manifestation, it will show you how you can turn ideas into reality. It will also remove your negativity about yourself and replace it with feelings of confidence.

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Aquamarine is a stone of courage. It aides quit-wittedness, and accelerates intellectual reasoning.

It provides alignment of the chakras and connects one’s physical and ethereal bodies together.

It is gentle and compassionate, and helps you become more tolerant of your own and others’ emotions.

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Aragonite is a centering stone, especially during intense periods of anger or stress.

It has been known to stimulate communication with higher planes outside our own.

It helps to accept responsibility, helps make us more reliable, and teaches us patience and practicality.

It was once used to combat chills and bring warmth to the extremities by placing it on the place you would like warmed.

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Aventurine is known as “The stone of opportunity” and is said to be among the luckiest of crystals. It’s said to manifest prosperity and wealth to the wearer.

It’s also used as a multi-purpose healing stone, great for emotional distress, anxiety, and depression. It’s also used to battle addiction, open your mind and help you take responsibility openly. Aventurine battles old negative energies you carry around, and renews you, so it’s great for meditation. It can be used to correspond to the throat chakra, and is great for protection of the heart chakra.

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Azurite is a blue stone formation commonly found with malachite, that forms in nodular masses, and rarely in crystal form.

It is known as "The Stone Of Heaven", as it stimulates the pursuit of our Heavenly selves, and it brings out the good in all people. 

Good for guidance via the third eye, and therefore psychic ability development. It also enhances empathy & creativity.

In many ancient civilizations it was used as a symbol of status, and was held sacred by both the Native Americans and the Mayans.

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Bismuth while man made, still possesses metaphysical properties. It can be used to travel from the physical state to the astral plane. It relieves spiritual and emotional upheaval, and helps with isolation.  It is the stone of change and transformation.

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Black tourmaline is the best stone to use to ward off all types of negativity. It absorbs bad energy, and recycles it into positive energy. It’s constantly recycling energy. In addition to being so good at blocking negativity, it also promotes health, happiness, and joy. You can also use for grounding against panic attacks.

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Blue Goldstone.png

Bloodstone is an intense healing stone, and the stone of courage. It’s used to awaken and balance the root, solar, sacral, and heart chakras. It helps one be more accepting of change, as it is very grounding. It has been known to instill wisdom into the user, as well as sensitivity, adaptability, and strength. It has traditionally been used to treat ailments of the spleen, blood, kidneys, bladder, intestines, and liver.

Blue Calcite opens & activates the throat chakra, and is useful for communication and self expression.

It helps us speak the truth, seek the truth, and seek clarity in murky circumstances.

Is is an excellent energy amplifier, and releases electrical impulses while under pressure. It is said to help the body and mind remember to channel experiences such as astral travel.

Blue Goldstone though man made, emits gentle protective energies. It encourages a positive attitude, increases learning abilities, and increases communication skills as it is connected to the throat chakra. 

Some view it as a "Star Seed" stone, and consider it connected to Galactic Energies. 

Blue Lace Agate is an extremely spiritual stone, it activates the throat, heart, third eye, and crown chakras.

It helps us to reach extremely spiritual spaces in other planes of reality, and it inspires inner attunement.

It raises our frequency of awareness to enable us to communicate with other worldly beings, and is said to be especially suited to people with pale blue auras. 

Botswana Agate is used to stimulate enlightenment, and exploration of the unknown. This stone is known to activate the crown chakra as well, and therefore energize the aura. It makes one ware of oneself and helps us become conscientious of our actions.

It is said to also help rid the body of toxins, help depression, and ease stress.

bronzite tile.png

Bronzite is a blend of Silica and Iron, is in the Tiger’s Eye family, and provides one with courage same as Tiger’s eye does.  It helps you achieve a state of certainty, and helps one be decisive in times of uncertainty.

It is also a stone of courtesy, and promotes love, equality, and an unprejudiced state of mind. It’s also said to help with assimilation of iron in the body, to keep iron longer.

Bumble Bee Jasper is known for grounding, increasing patience and stability. Its highly connected to the Earth. It helps one to progress in all aspects of life, and helps rectify unjust circumstances.

It is also a stone of protection.

Carnelian is associated with the Sacral chakra, and is often used for creativity, cleansing, intuition, sexuality, reproduction, and emotion. It is motivating, encourages self-confidence and bravery, and sparks creativity. It boosts energy, and gives the user the ability to really cleanse themselves, center, and focus on getting things done.

chalcedony tile.png

Chalcedony is useful for balancing the mind, body, spirit, and emotions. It was a sacred stone to the Native American Indians, promoting stability within their ceremonies.

It encourages brotherhood among all, and symbolizes benevolence and good will. It also alleviates hostility, irritability, and melancholy while enhancing generosity, responsiveness, and receptivity.

Charoite Syncs the crown and heart chakras, providing unconditional love from a higher spiritual plane.

It facilitates the acceptance of others, the comprehension of self inflicted lessons, and the ability to let ourselves let go of baggage.

It is said to be able to transform or transmute negative energy in the auric body, and therefore cleanse the chakras. 

Chrysocolla revitalizes and balances the root, and solar plexus chakras. It can help the heart chakra to ease emotional heartache, and further increase our ability to love. It can give strength to the throat chakra and keep one grounded while expressing oneself. Chrysocolla purifies the home and ones environment and eliminates negativity by promoting harmony and understanding. Its also believed to regenerate the pancreas, assist in regulation of insulin, and balance blood sugar.

Chrysoprase aligns the chakras on the ethereal plane. Activates & opens the heart chakra, bringing physical energy into the body through the loving nature of the heart.

 Good for deep meditative states, compassion, grace, non-judgmental attitudes. Helps accept others and acceptance of self and imperfections.

 Encourages fidelity in business & personal life.

Citrine tile.png

Citrine is Linked opens & activates the solar chakra, and known for use in ambition, intellect, personal power, and protection. It carries a light, happy, and joyous energy. It is great for absorbing and shielding the user from negative energy. It also is known to increase physical stamina and energy, and supports the endocrine system to promote proper metabolism. Citrine is also great cleansing the aura.

Cobalto Calcite or (Cobalite) is helpful in developing and furthering creative endeavors, boosting your creative thoughts. It can be very uplifting in spirit and emotions.

It brings harmony, imagination, and calm to the wearer.

Coral is inviting, gives a sense of warmth and acceptance, and represents diplomacy, especially in times of conflict.

It calms big emotions, and brings inner peace. It can be used to communicate with the universal planes and increase intuition to visualize ideas and dreams. 

It's also known to increase imagination and energy. 

Cuprite tile.png

Cuprite activates the root chakra, and in effect grounds and energizes us with vitality. 

It attracts what you need to survive physically, and can be used to alleviate worry over things beyond your control. 

Danburite forms in prismatic crystals in color ranges from colorless, yellow-white, brown, wine, pink, and dark wine-yellow. The pink color has been known to open the heart chakra, and help with self love.

It helps you let your light shine, helps everyone to get along, and brings enlightenment & love toward realization when found in the Buddha Crystal formation. 

Emerald is a form of Beryl, and forms in prismatic crystals. This is different from Red Beryl, and there is no actual real Red Emerald (only Red Beryl). Emerald opens and activates the heart chakra, and is the stone of successful love. 

It instills domestic bliss, sensitivity, and loyalty in relationships. 

When disagreement arises in relationships Emerald will help the user combine intelligence and discernment to come to the right choice gently. 

fluorite tile.png

Flourite promotes peace, focus, and positivity. It is protective and stabilizing, increases confidence and helps bring structure into your life. It’s great for students since it’s believed to be a powerful learning aid since it’s so good for focus and concentration. It’s also said to cleanse the aura, absorbing and neutralizing stress and negative energy, as well as protecting the user.

Fuchsite assists in the ability to adapt and understand, promotes the examination of issues, solutions, and productivity. It has been used to enhance knowledge, especially in the areas of law enforcement, holistic medicine, and herbal remedies. Fuchsite can be used in any energy channeling activities, especially healing sessions. It has been said to balance the red and white blood cell count, treat carpal tunnel syndrome, align the spine, and increase the flexibility of muscles.

Garnet is one of the stones used in breastplates on high priests in ancient times because it is so powerful. It expels negativity, balances the chakras, and transmutes the negative energy to be beneficial to the practitioner. It is also known as the stone of health used by Native Americans, South American Indians, Aztecs, African Tribes, and the Mayans. It increases creativity due to its’ fire properties and is huge for manifestation and balancing energy.

grape chalcedony tile.png

Grape Chalcedony is a member of the quartz family and was used as a sacred stone by the Native Americans to promote stability within ceremonial activities. They successfully used it for many years as a pathway for receiving thought transmissions.

It is useful to balance mind, body and soul, and encourages brotherhood among all.

Green Calcite opens and activates the heart chakra, and fills us with compassion. It provides emotional balance, and assists with universal consciousness by connecting us with the higher planes of spirituality around us. 

It is an excellent energy amplifier, and releases electrical impulses while under pressure. It is said to assist the body and mind in remembering channeling experiences such as astral travel.

Green Tourmaline activates & opens the heart chakra, and helps us visualize things with our hearts giving us thoughtful perspective. It has a natural masculine energy, and a willfulness mindset.

It has been known to boost plant or herb healing when used in spell work.

gypsum rose tile.png

Gypsum Rose is a combination of selenite and barite, the minerals form in masses and are subject to conditions such as erosion in the desert, and as a result the mineral combination forms a rose. The desert rose variation of selenite is well known for clearing the upper chakras of the body, and for its healing properties. It provides clarity, vitality, and a boost of energy to help achieve your goals and improves clairvoyant and psychic abilities.

Hematite is one of the most effective grounding and calming stones. The weight of this stone in your hand is enough to begin to feel its effects. Many people instantly connect with it, and use it for protection from negativity and worry. Great for anxiety, mental attunement, trouble sleeping, and stress; it’s often used as a “worry stone”, and carried around to rub between the fingers to calm down. It can also be placed on the forehead to draw out the heat of a fever since it remains cool.

Herkimer Diamonds are a unique form of Quartz, developing in short, double terminated, clear crystals. They’re perfect for deep spiritual meditations and energy work. Just like the quartz crystal it is the clearest and most energetic of stones. It energizes and enlivens you, and promotes creativity. This stone stimulates the conscious to the highest spiritual levels. Use this for psychic abilities, clairvoyance, and spiritual visions.

howlite tile.png

Howlite comes in a variety of colors, the most common are blue and white. It most closely resembles turquoise, and can be used in place of the stone. Howlite increases awareness, and helps focus on ambitions. It boosts motivation and energy, while at the same time relieving stress and anxiety. It combines the power of reasoning with observation and patience, therefore aiding confrontation. Given all its’ versatile properties and function, it truly creates a feeling of purpose.

Imperial Jasper is nurturing in the sense of self awareness, manifestation of loving energies, and protection of the solar plexus chakra which is responsible for self-esteem and control of oneself. It also helps with attention to detail and helps maintain focus and organization of thought.

It naturally occurs in tan, green, yellow, red colors, and is often dyed purple or blue.

Jade comes in a couple different colors, and is usually found in its white state. Other common colors are blue and green. Green jade is said to bring abundance of positive energy, harmony, and happiness. Jade carries the energy of Earth and nature, and has a natural soothing energy. It’s also naturally a tranquil stone that brings clarity and wisdom to difficult situations by stabilizing the body and mind. This stone protects against negativity, fears, and bad habits. It relieves irritability, and supports growth and new beginnings. It’s been used by ancient cultures for astral travel and dreamwork, and was known as the “dream stone”.

kambaba jasper tile.png

Kambaba Jasper (aka crocodile jasper, or Green Stromatolite Jasper) is known to provide peace, tranquility, serenity, and clarity.

It removes blockages to the heart and root chakras, to dispel worry and negativity. It brings a thoughtful flow to your life where otherwise negative emotions and clutter would reside.

Kiwi Jasper.png

Kiwi Jasper, also known as Sesame Jasper, is a deeply nurturing stone; known for its tranquility, positivity, and emotional healing properties. It removes the negative emotions of the user, and replaces them with positive, uplifted spirit and raises their vibration during times of stress. Therefore, it needs to be cleansed often since it is constantly pulling negative energies from your aura / spirit. 

Kunzite can be used to remove obstacles from one’s path. It dissolves negativity and raises vibrations around it to a higher level.

It opens you to love and acceptance and stimulates sensitivity and sensuality.

It can be used for deep meditations, dream walking, or vision quests as it aligns the heart, throat, and third eye chakras.

labradorite tile.png

Kyanite is one of the stones that never needs cleansing, it will not accumulate or retain negative energy! This is one of the best attunement stones, and has unlimited applications. Kyanite aligns all chakras immediately upon introduction to the stone. If directed with consciousness, it can even open all chakras! It also brings tranquility, and is known to calm the whole body, as well as stimulate conversation and psychic awareness.

Labradorite while not only beautiful in nature with natural flashes set into the stone, it unites all the chakras, increases intuition, and strengthens the aura. It is said to represent the “temple of the stars”, assisting in sustaining and maintaining balance while providing understanding of one’s destiny. It facilitates transformation of intuition into intellectual thought. It is known to bring out the best in all who wear or use it. It develops spirituality and psychic awareness. It also increases determination and motivation.

Lapis Lazuli is associated with the brow chakra, and known to increase spiritual awareness, psychic ability, intuition, and inner wisdom. It is the perfect stone for clearing emotional baggage, and brings mental strength, giving the user the ability to overcome trauma and grief. It teaches compassion and spiritual love, while promoting self-awareness and blocking negative energy.

larvikite tile.png

Larimar, also known as Pectolite, assists us in recognizing self inflicted limitations, and can stimulate release from those limitations with a deeper understanding of ourselves and this world, and how it works. 

It aids in truthfulness, both in seeking it out and speaking the truth ourselves, and staying truthful to others. It also instills a sense of peacefulness to the carrier or wearer. 

Lepidolite activates and opens the throat, heart, third eye, and crown chakras.

It allows us to connect with the universe on such a level where we are able to become aware of subtle energy changes.

Used for stress reduction, energy transformation, acceptance of spirit and self; and provides light and hope. 

Larvikite, also known as Black Moonstone, retains the properties of moonstone, being deeply connected to the moon, and lunar cycles. It adds a boost to any magic work and harmonizes oneself by cleansing negativity from the chakras just as traditional moonstone does.

It also stimulates creativity, wisdom, and intellect; and helps connect with your higher self.

malachite tile.png

Malachite is known to absorb negative energies by picking them up from the atmosphere around it. It need only be present in your home to clear the air of negativity it’s that powerful. It also opens the heart to spiritual guidance and unconditional love, encourages change, and develops empathy.

Leopard Skin Jasper

Jasper comes in a variety of colors and commonly has several colors present at the same time in ribbons, layers, spots, and even pictures. It is truly a beautiful and versatile stone. Jasper is known for grounding, increasing patience and stability. Its highly connected to the Earth.

It is also a stone of protection, and chakra balancing. It was used by shamans, kings, and priests as a sacred stone of protection.

Moldavite is the only gemstone quality Tektite (formed during meteoritic action) on Earth. It opens and activates the throat, third eye, and crown chakras.

It assists us in interdimensional consciousness, accessing higher dimensional galactic energy.

It brings to consciousness that which we hide from ourselves, and therefore is super helpful in shadow work. It helps us receive messages we would otherwise be blocking. Do not cleanse in salt!

moonstone tile.png

Mookaite Jasper is known as The Stone Of Mother Earth. It is stabilizing, healing, and purifying of the physical body. 

It is believed to contain sacred Earth energies important for healing energy work, and is said to even be able to strengthen the immune system naturally. 

Moonstone is feminine in nature, and is emotionally supportive. It is deeply connected with lunar cycles, and will add a boost of magic energy to any lunar magic work. It helps connect to a harmony within yourself and align yourself to the energy of the moon. It also supports understanding through intuition as opposed to intellectual thought. It cleanses negativity from the chakras, and enhances the feminine aspects of ones’ nature while providing spiritual nourishment with loving compassion.

Moss Agate provides strength to follow through on all endeavors, improves ego and self-esteem, and provides emotional balance.

It strengthens positive personality traits, and can be used to connect and communicate with nature.

Obsidian is lustrous volcanic glass. It’s greatly used for protection, banishment of negativity, and grounding. It can help in times of stress and anxiety. It’s also a powerful cleanser of the psyche. It’s quite useful in healing, and provides both the healer and subject with clarity in regards to both the cause of the present condition as well as the improvement of said condition.

onyx tile.png

Onyx is a great stone for strength, protection, and confidence. It encourages self-realization and alignment. It stimulates thought and logic, therefore improving concentration. Also aids in self-control, which makes it great for dealing with addiction or destructive behavior. Onyx also aids in banishing grief, and sharpens the mind to aid decision making in times or emotional bereavement.

Opal is known to stimulate the crown chakra, and provide deep states of mental clarity. It can be used to bring inspiration to the user, and to become more adept in business knowledge. It also helps one stay calm and focused amidst stress, anxiety, and chaos.


Opalite while man made, still possesses metaphysical properties. It is known to stimulate the crown chakra, and provides deep states of mental clarity.

It can be used to bring inspiration to the user, and to become more adept in business knowledge.

It also helps one stay calm and focused amidst stress, anxiety, and chaos. 

orange calcite tile.png

Orange Calcite opens and activates the solar and sacral chakras. 

It fills us with ambition, increases intellect and creativity, and tunes into our sexuality and emotions. It is also an excellent energy amplifier, and releases electrical impulses while under pressure. It is said to help the mind and body remember channeling experiences such as astral travel. 

petrified wood tile.png

Petrified Wood is ancient wood that has been replaced and hardened by other minerals, usually agate and quartz. It exhibits the properties of agates and chalcedony in addition to providing access to past life occurrences via meditation.

 It can also provide support to someone in active crisis or a period of disease.

Picture Jasper is said to retain hidden messages from the past. It radiates harmony and stimulates creativity and visualization. It’s often used in efforts to pursue new business ventures and developments. It helps bring hidden thoughts, grief, fear, and hope to the surface, and enables you to deal with them. It is also one of the biggest stones among the Earth connected stones to facilitate the human – Earth connection.

Pietersite is a brecciated variety of Tiger's Eye including gold and blue varieties, jasper, and blue crocidolite asbestos. It is known to assist in deep meditative states, provide visions, and pre-cognitive thoughts while in meditation.

 It has been said to contain "The Keys To The Kingdom Of Heaven", and provides loving guidance, loyalty to self, and lets you enjoy the ultimate experience of life with courage and tenacity. 

pink tourmaline tile.png

Pink Tourmaline activates and opens the crown and heart chakras, enabling us to experience a higher state of spiritual love and joy. It allows for guidance of our spirit selves, and from our spirit guides.

It also releases us from destructive behavior. 

It's properties are said to be significantly special when given to someone you are hoping will fall in love with you. 

pyrite tile.png

Prehnite can be used to facilitate contact with "the other side", or otherworldly entities via meditation or trance. 

It is known to multiply energy, enhance protective fields, and helps us to remember our dreams, especially predictive visions. 

It can also encourage visitation from extra-terrestrials. 

Psilomelane Dendrite can redirect energies, and help you analyze your emotional tendencies when thinking, giving you a clearer pattern of thought.

It can correct unwanted, or unloving behavior from a partner.

It has been useful in scrying, or gazing, and in trance meditations. 

Pyrite increases assertiveness, confidence, and vitality. It helps the user take action, and affirms masculine energies. It is one of the top manifesting stones for increasing wealth. Pyrite is also a great defensive stone, and protects from negative energy by working as a shield to the user. It increases awareness to facades, and helps the user see hidden motives behind words and actions.

Clear quartz is very versatile in use, and in a clear state is much like a blank state. It can be used for any energy work, and is a great amplifier. Quartz has been used since ancient times for religious purposes, meditation, and spiritual development. A hugely popular use for quartz is to boost psychic work, help with intuition, and help open the mind to meditate or perform spell work. People also carry it on them often for happiness and an energy boost. Quartz is used widely among the metaphysical, wiccan, and pagan communities as a multipurpose stone, and can be used, cleansed and re-used constantly.

Rainbow Titanium Quartz.png

Rainbow Titanium Quartz Like Clear Quartz, can be used for any energy work, and is a great amplifier. It can be used for religious purposes, meditation, and spiritual development. A hugely popular use for quartz is to boost psychic work, help with intuition, and to help open the mind to meditate or perform spell work. People also often carry it on them for an energy boost. 

Rainbow Titanium Quartz also carries properties of mental clarity, insight, astral projection, & energy blockage clearing. 

rainbow obsidian tile.png

Rainbow Obsidian brings light and love into your life and allows for recognition of your spiritual guides along with attunement to nature. It’s used for scrying in the matters of love and relationships.

It’s also known as a stone of pleasure, bringing enjoyment and gratification into your life.

red calcite tile.png

Red Calcite opens and activates the root chakra, giving us energy and security while being protective and stabilizing. It is also an excellent energy amplifier, and releases electrical impulses while under pressure. It is said to help the mind and body remember channeling experiences such as astral travel. 

Jasper comes in a variety of colors, and is known for its many impressions. It’s common to have several colors present at the same time in these stones, ribbons, layers, spots, and even pictures. It’s truly a beautiful and versatile stone. Jasper is known for grounding, increasing patience and stability. It’s highly connected to the Earth, and therefore highly comforting and known as a supreme nurturer. It’s also a stone of protection, and chakra balancing. In ancient times it was used by shamans, kings, and priests as a sacred stone of protection.

Rhodochrosite, like Rhodonite, is a powerful healing stone. This one though, is better suited for healing of trauma, childhood wounds, and enabling the user to feel happy and free once again; rather than with rhodonite being a heart healing stone. It raises self-esteem, and enhances your sense of self-worth.

ruby tile.png
rhodonite tile.png

Rhodonite is known as the “rescue stone”. Its powerful emotional properties are known to bring balance, love, and forgiveness. It also activates and cleanses the heart chakra. This stone of compassion ensures emotional balance, helps heal past wounds, and opens your heart to compassion. There is a greatly supportive energy in this stone, and so it’s also good to use in applying unique talents to any endeavors you may need a little help with, bringing openness, fulfillment and contentment.

Rhyolite represents change, variety, and progress. It brings creativity to the soul and brings fruition to longings.

It brings along a state of knowing, and breaks the barriers of the simple mind, helping you attain knowledge and become mentally enlightened. It is an excellent stone for meditation and searching for your highest self.

Rose Quartz is versatile in use, and sought after for balancing emotions, and promoting a clear head in times of emotional stress. It’s known mostly for its restorative powers in healing a broken heart, regaining strength and trust in a relationship, harmonizing a love life, and attracting love and friendship. It’s also associated with the heart chakra, and releases toxic emotions and negativity that clog the heart chakra. Which is why it is so useful in heart healing.

serpentine tile.png

Ruby stimulates the heart chakra and assists in attainment on your true values. It stimulates the emotional side of your personality, making you more accepting and loving unconditionally. In ancient cultures it was used in “casting” to assist in the determination of resolutions and decisions.

It’s used to increase stability in one’s economic status and it has been said wearing a ruby will ensure your wealth never departs.

Sardonyx is a mix of Onyx, Carnelian, and Chalcedony. It promotes happiness in marriage and live-in relationships. It attracts friendships and fortune, and encourages self control. Gives courage and wipes away hesitation in times of necessary action. 

Selenite is colorless in nature, and forms in transparent tabular like crystals and needle like crystals. It is one of the most calming, centering stones, and is therefore notorious for being used in meditation, cleansings, and physical healing of all kinds. It connects with your third eye, and opens you spiritually to a higher level of consciousness; and is often used as a guide to past life realization as well as future lives. It’s very useful for clearing blockages and removing negativity. Since it is also useful as a healing stone, it is commonly used in reiki for pain relief and to facilitate the regeneration of the membrane linings that surround cells.

Serpentine is deeply connected to the Earth, and therefore naturally grounding and supporting of personal transformation, and transitions of any kind. It also brings hormones back into balance, and clears any area of chakras that are misaligned to promote healing and self-awareness. It reminds you that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Smokey Quartz tile.png

Shiva Lingam symbolizes fertility, confidence, and balance. The symmetrically rounded ends of the Shiva Lingam emit the energy of stabilization. They have been used to increase awareness and memory, while also expanding your overall consciousness.  In Hinduism they represent Shiva as the generative power, all of existence, all creativity and fertility at every cosmic level

Shungite activates and opens the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras. It provides protection from negative energies as well as EMF (electro-magnetic fields).

It is also grounding, clarifying, and a source of great personal power. It has a very strong connection with the Earth, and it can alleviate spiritual imbalances. 

Smokey Quartz Dissolves negative energies and emotional blockages, while replacing them with positive frequencies.

It initiates powerful forcefields in meditation, and refines vibratory energies in the aura. 

It can balance yin and yang energy, and can align the physical and ethereal bodies. 

Sodalite has long been used for chakra work, and is coordinated to balancing the third eye chakra. It’s used widely in psychic and intuition work, and increases will power.

This stone stimulates creative, and communication abilities, and therefore supports the ability to live an authentic life. Sodalite is known to bring inner peace through knowing one’s truth, and aid in endurance and will power, bringing the user the ability to persevere through struggles.

Sunstone can be used to both clear and energize all chakras. It provides a squeaky-clean energy feeling overall and removes any energy hang ups. It dissipates fear, alleviates stress, and increases vitality. Sunstone can be used to encourage independence and originality and was used by the Canadian Indians in rituals of the medicine wheel and spirit guides.

Tiger Iron tile.png

Topaz is known as the stone of success and love. It promotes creativity, confidence, and individuality, as well as replaces negativity with joyfulness. It helps us focus on the bigger picture, self-expression, and reasoning.

Topaz is a known manifestation stone, as its energies align with the law of attraction. It acts as a conductor of energy when a request is focused on, sending messages through the ether.

Tiger Iron is made of golden tigers’ eye, red jasper, and black hematite. It combines the qualities of all three of those stones. It can assist in creative endeavors, .and it helps find refuge in the face of danger.

Tiger’s eye is a solar gemstone of strength, personal power, and courage. It is known to stimulate the first three chakras, and keep you grounded and supported during times of stress. It acts in alignment with values, regardless of the circumstances, and is useful for centering and resilience in situations of overwhelm.  Tiger’s eye helps you see things more clearly, and gives the ability to face fears with a clear mind, bringing strength and peace of mind.

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Watermelon Tourmaline stimulates, energizes, and connects the heart chakra with our higher self. It is also a Super activator of the heart chakra. It diminished emotionalism, and inspires clear thought and tact when decision making is necessary.

Turquoise is believed to be the catalyst of bringing Father sky and Mother Earth together. It strengthens and balances all the chakras, and elevates them to a higher plane of existence. It is excellent to use for spiritual attunement, healing and cleansing for both the physical body and all its energy centers. Its also known for its abilities to reinforce strength, protection, and grounding. As a healer of spirit, it soothes and brings peace to anyone around it, and to any environment it resides in. It is also used traditionally by Native American shamen to initiate rain.

Unakite is a versatile stone, its energies can be focused in a number of directions, the most common being emotional balancing, and stress relief. It also has been used to calm anger, and emotional overwhelm. Unakite is also used for help with relief of addiction and bad habits since it is naturally nurturing in nature, and is known to give the wearer / carrier increased patience. This stone is also among the group of stones used to increase psychic ability, and aids in the connection to one’s own intuition.

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