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Healing Crystal Coven offers a variety of services:

Reiki Sessions

This is a hands off energy work appointment. You will feel my energy moving your energy around, and should feel refreshed and a deep sense of calm and relaxation afterward.


Basic Reiki Appointment $65 (about 45 minutes to an hour with some discussion)

Distance Reiki $50 ( about 30- 40 minutes over the phone or video chat with some discussion)

Crystal Reiki with Frequency Healing $80 (about 45 minute to an hour with some discussion - reiki with crystal gridding and frequency specific music

Reiki For Healthcare Workers $50 (Please enjoy a discounted rate for your amazing sacrifices and hard work - ID verification required)



Lithomancy Readings

Love, Luck, Career, Lithomancy readings advise on all matters of life and answers all your personal questions, just like Tarot!

Lithomancy is the practice of reading the future / current events with stones. This practice has been around for a VERY, VERY long time. 

The earliest verified account of lithomancy comes from Photius, the patriarch of Constantinople. However, some people claim Helenus predicted the destruction of Troy using the ritual. 

I put a modern spin on Lithomancy by using a self made Zodiac wheel board, and I chose 15 stones that have specific meanings to me personally, and matched them to an ages old list I found online that came from the British Isles dated a few hundred years ago. It is a unique and inspiring experience to be had, and my clients who have experienced it have immediately loved it.

Book your reading today to experience an ages old practice and gain insight on your future today!

Readings available both virtually and in person (inquire for more info)

20 minute Reading $40 

30 minute Reading $60 

40 minute Reading $80

50 minute reading  $90 

60 minute reading  $100 


Custom Crystal Jewelry - NOW REIKI INFUSED!

Custom pendants, bracelets, rings, anything your heart desires. Custom orders are always welcomed and appreciated.

Non Refundable Deposits Required - prices vary by piece

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Crystal Jewelry & Hand picked Crystals & Stones for sale in the Etsy shop - NOW REIKI INFUSED!

An assortment of jewelry and crystals is always available in the Etsy shop, link to the store is in the next page on this website!


Monthly Beaded Bracelet Classes!!

An exciting class where I teach YOU how I make my bracelets, how to close with a master knot, hide the knot, and make sure it doesn't break.

Hosted monthly at The Holistic Dragon in Watertown CT - join my newsletters and watch my Facebook account so you don't miss out on the fun!!

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