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Amanda ~
Shadow Empath and Medium
Creator of Healing Crystal Coven

Not Your Basic Witch

Since very young I have heard, and communicated with spirits, and on occasion when I was young they would appear to me as shadows. The first few times I "just knew" something, I knew I was different. I was able to give information in school correctly without researching or studying, I was able to tell if someone was lying to me, sometimes I knew what was going to happen right before it happened, and I was able to hear my great grandmother in my head after she passed. A close family friend who was a medium told my mother that I was gifted, and she always encouraged that aspect of my life. I started reading Tarot at 15 with my close friends, and grew to adapt different spiritual aspects into my practices over time. 

I have a deep connection to the shadow realm, I always have. I was always the weird kid at school. I prefer my own company to that of others because I can feel other people's emotions and energies so deeply I tend to take them on as my own. I know when people are lying because I can feel the anxiety and discomfort that comes with a lie. I can tell when someone is more than just upset because I can feel the nuance that is different between depression and sadness or anger. I know when people are sick because I can feel it as opposed to someone vibrating on the energetic frequency that we do when we are healthy. 


Growing up like that was challenging, and learning to live with that to this day can still be a struggle as it tends to turn me into a collector of tortured souls shall we say. Since I have such a deep connection to shadow I am constantly doing my own shadow work, and therefore my Tarot clients tend to come to me when they are at the end of their rope. I work with people's energies and emotions, and connect with spirit, my spirit guides, and their spirit guides to help them get through difficult times in life, heal from trauma, and connect to their shadow selves. I use Tarot as a tool to see a path forward "through the mud" so to speak as we navigate your shadows and pull you once more into the light.

I also grew up watching my mother, a lapidary artist not only create her own jewelry; but collect, cut, tumble, and polish her own stones. Being with her and watching her created an interest in the stones & minerals, as well as an interest in how they connected metaphysically with us and the Earth. I opened myself up more and more as I grew older, and as an adult today I still believe we spiritually are each connected to each other, the Earth, and the Universe. I love being able to recommend a stone to someone who is in need of energetic healing, and seeing it make a positive change in their day to day life, those moments are what I live for, it's why I do what I do. 

It is my passion to connect the metaphysical properties of stones with the beautiful, expressive media of jewelry. Each of my pieces is hand made, and therefore one of a kind. Even in my tarot and energy readings, I use crystals and often give advice on which to carry /wear.

Currently today, I am a mother of 3 beautiful souls, managing a house, kids schedules, a husband's schedule, and running a business while learning Reiki! It is BUSY over here! But I am absolutely in love with the life that we are building every day and wouldn't change it for the world. 

I'd also love to take this opportunity to thank my husband, Drew, for supporting me chasing my dreams because without him, none of this would be possible. He is the most amazing soul I have ever met, he's my best friend and the best partner any girl could ask for. I love you babe. 

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